Let’s talk about money, honey.

We don’t believe you should choose between your bills and your barnet. So we have clear and reasonable pricing, with no hidden charges. Because we’re not dicks. You can find a full price list via the link above.

Come and see me sometime.

Anytime. Just rock on up and get your hair did whenever suits you. You can find our opening times under the contact link. Sometimes we even open Sundays!

Picture this

Don’t be coy. If you know what you want, tell us. We live to make you happy. Okay, maybe not, but we do really care about giving you what you ask for so, if you have a photo of a cut you think is totally amazing, just bring it in. We won’t laugh at your optimism or anything. Promise.

I just don’t know what to do with myself

Totally clueless about what you want? Our barbers will happily advise you on the perfect coiffure for your cranium.

We all have our vices

Fancy a beer or a G&T with your haircut? That’s fine, we’re not judging you, but we don’t have a license. You are welcome to bring your own, and we will even keep your chair warm while you nip to the shop to get one. That way our less substance inclined customers don’t have to subsidise your boozy habits and everyone’s happy.

She’s just a devil woman

After a short sharp cut? Well we enthusiastically embrace ladies who want their locks lopped. Because we know some dames like things differently, and so do we, which is why our prices are the same, regardless of what’s downstairs. No time spent on long blow-drys means no need to charge a penny more.

All about aural

There’s no ambiguity about our ambience. We like music, good music, and that means no commercial or talk radio. That does not mean you have to talk to us instead, if you want to just kick back and relax, we won’t get offended. We even have a ‘No Holiday Chat’ policy, which means that should any of our barbers ask if you are going anywhere nice on your holidays they lose their job. Just joking. Maybe.

The kids are not alright

It’s not that we don’t like children (honest) but our space is an adult environment that we want our punters to enjoy to the fullest, so no cuts for littluns.

Hairdresser on Fire

We are not hairdressers, we are barbers. We live or die by the quality of our clipper fades, we understand that your hair needs to look good until your next cut, not just your next shower, and we are happy to trim your bushy eyebrows and excess ear hair, as well as the stuff creeping above your collar. We draw the line at pubic topiary though; there are specialists for that.

Sorry not tonight, I’m washing your hair

There is nothing more tedious than washing hair. And unless your follicles are filthy or you’ve been a bit profuse with the pomade, we don’t really need to wash your hair before working our magic. So unless you want us to, we won’t, and if we don’t then we all have an extra 10 mins of our day to enjoy, everyone’s happy.